Inter Christian Fellowship For a Common Cause (ICFCC),  is a ministry of believers addressing a common cause that the Lord commands for a specific solution through prayer and action. It is also the home of the
ASK CHURCH , which provides and opportunity to ask questions during the service. 

We are a prayer focused and evangelical reaching out to the local community.  The following objectives are implemented:-

1. To bring believers from all backgrounds of the Christian faith to pray over issues the Lord calls for specific focus. Issues may range from; prayers over continents and nations, evangelism, business communities, social issues and as the Lord reveals from time to time.

2. To practically evangelize, door to door; towns and cities in countries, by preaching the message of repentance to give an opportunity to others to believe in Jesus and be saved.

3. To support member believers in prayer regarding their business and spiritual walk with God.

4. To work with various churches who may become feeders for those believers, we meet but  may have no local churches they attend.

5. To establish new local congregations and empower pastors who are called to look after the people of God. This will enable; a pastor to settle down work in their calling.

6. To teach the fundamentals of the word of God to redirect the church back to the basics so that those whom we minister with, can be grounded and be able to reach out with knowledge and understanding.

7. To address economic issues of the community through prayer and strategic involvement in  legitimate action; by linking to relevant bodies that deal with economic growth and redistribution of wealth.


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