Ministry Vision

The vision was born out of a private prayer life of John Lukomona who since 1986, while at University of Zambia, God began speaking to him to pray over nations.

To bring the mind of God in a matter at hand through prayer, teaching of the word of God, and carrying out appropriate action. The end goal is to point people to the Saviour Jesus Christ  who can give them salvation  in any area of their lives. 
Mission Statement
“Come aside and pray so that I may show you what to do”Says God.
To pray and seek the face of the Lord on a common cause which is identified, ultimately to bring the will of the Lord in that matter.

Mark 6:45-47. 
Also compare Mark 6:30-32(in prayer we feed our spirits with God’s presence and His Kingdom grows in us-The Kingdom of God is about His rule in our hearts).