Dr John Lukomona at Friends of Heath Hayes Park, 13th July 2021

John, on the left and Craig

Today, the 13th July 2021, it was a pleasure to be invited by a charity; Friends of Heath Hayes Park. Chaired by Hayley. Craig, the vice chairperson,  asked me to speak a few words of encouragement to the community, during which I was  accompanied by Evangelist Walter Eze.

At the event, a group of young people from a neighbouring school and their teachers, were in attendance. They took part in planting flowers. I was honoured to be given a chance to plant one myself, as you can see in the photo. These plants are a mark of memorial for people in Heath Hayes who lost their lives due covid. In the photo with me is Craig the vice Chairman of Friends of Heath Hayes Park. The charity demonstrated very good community leadership by putting on this event.

The message delivered from a Biblical perspective included; encouraging pupils from school to participate in events like these. The journey inculcates good leadership skills, develops a heart of empathy as one seeks to bring comfort to other people who may be in a difficult situation especially that of covid deaths.

The message also commended the leaders of Friends of Heath Hayes Charity for bringing the community together, thereby promoting oneness and love from a human perspective. God loves unity that promotes good values. Teachers were commended for the good job they do in managing and teaching students by giving them the kind of exposure, like the one they had during the event.

The conclusion was that; in fact God created us in his own image and that he put a human spirit in each one of us. Which means that only God, has the ability to bring lasting comfort to our spirits, because He knows us well enough. He created us in the first place.

There are good things that we need to keep doing in order to keep our community a happier place, just like Craig and his team are making little steps to effect that good big thing in the future. We must act immediately when a need arises to help people for a better life.

Walter on the left, with Lyne and John

The big question is, where would a person get strength from in order to do the good that God desires? The very God who created us; gives us that strength through the Holy Spirit. We must ask him in prayer. Therefore, one must seek to consciously know that the grace to have the strength of the Holy Spirit is available. Just ask God, which can be achieved if we consciously seek God through prayer and believing in Him according to the scriptures.

Read John 3:16, ” For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him should not perish but will have eternal life“.

This should be a personal decision to follow and believe. It can not be given as a group.

As a minister of the gospel, I invite you to seek God and learn. Walter, my brother in the Lord and myself are available to discuss the bible with you. Please contact us directly on whatsapp +447450321139.

Thank you

Dr. John Lukomona, Ph.D