Vision in continued fulfillment


The word of God is very powerful and final. Let me share my testimony; regarding answered prayer. When God asked me to start praying for leaders and ministers in Heath Hayes to arise; I was but one person and I obeyed to start praying.

Now few of the leaders have arisen; I believe more are yet to come. God requires to just start with one step of faith. From there He begins to lead you step by step to actualise the  vision.

I therefore, encourage you as you read this blog; to keep trusting God in particular where it concerns His agenda; the will of God. The will of God is cardinal and if you follow Him, you will succeed. Where people think that God has failed is in the areas where, the person is acting contrary to His will. God never fails any one. It is impossible for God to fail any one. He is the God of greater accomplishments in people’s lives.

I want to leave you with this scripture, “He who has began a good work in you, he will sure accomplish it in you, till the day of Jesus Christ” Philippians 1:6.

Testimony by Apostle Dr John Lukomona Ph.D, (1st May 2019).

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